Comedian, scientist, presenter and zoo-LOL-ogist 

'Imagineer' was co-written by Dr Zara Gladman and Emily Benita and produced for Glasgow Science Festival. The show sought to challenge perceptions of engineering and to create a space where the public could engage with the subject creatively through theatre, comedy and music. 'Imagineer' was performed in 2017 to audiences of over 1,000 teenagers and adults.

'A Gentle Hike' takes awkward dating to new heights. This short screenplay follows an exercise-phobic student as she embarks on a memorable - and painfully awkward- Tinder date on a Scottish hillside. The script was selected by ArtsEd for The Original Screenplay Project and produced in  2018. You can watch the finished film at this link.

From comedy drama screenplays to science-inspired theatre, read about Zara's latest writing projects below.

'Culture Club' is a comedy following the life and lab adventures of a twenty-something PhD student. From botched experiments to lab-based love affairs and an AWOL supervisor, she grapples with the day-to-day joys and challenges of academia. Co-written by Dr Zara Gladman and fellow scientist Dr Laura McNamara, the pilot script was selected for the inaugural Persistent and Nasty project in 2018 and longlisted for the Funny Women Comedy Writing Award 2017.


'Chasing the Waves' is an innovative theatre show which blends comedy with music and cutting-edge science. Co-written by Dr Zara Gladman and Emily Benita for Glasgow Science Festival, the production was awarded a Herald Higher Education Award in 2017 for Outstanding Contribution to the Community and shortlisted for the 'Oscars of Higher Education', the Times Higher Education Awards 2017.


Read more about 'Chasing the Waves' on the Glasgow Science Festival website.