Comedian, scientist, presenter and zoo-LOL-ogist 

Zara has also written and presented content for BBC Scotland. Her online series 'The Social Experiments' explored psychological phenomena with members of the public through live experiments, from conformity to the 'Hipster Effect'. Watch 'How to Win at Tinder' on the BBC Scotland Facebook page or on YouTube below.




You can watch more of Zara's videos on the BBC The Social feed or Facebook page.



Zara has been a regular contributor to digital media platform BBC The Social since 2016. Her videos blend comedy with every-day science topics, from the chemistry of hangovers to the science of Tinder. She has also delved into musical comedy, tackling topics like social media addiction and her obsession with house plants  (see below). Her videos have been viewed over 8.4 million times. In 2022 she released 'Gaff' with comedy collaborator Stuart Cromarty, a musical account of passive aggressive flatmate interactions.




In the run up to Scotland's 2014 independence referendum, Zara created the satirical pop star 'Lady Alba'. Lady Alba's music video 'Bad Romance' received widespread attention online and offline. Arts critic Joyce McMillan described the act as: "sharp, witty, well-made, and a great advertisement for the sheer creative energy and wit of the latest generation of young Scottish artists."


Lady Alba is currently on hiatus but you can watch her videos on YouTube.




Dr Zara Gladman is a regular presenter and guest on live TV and radio. Read about some of her latest projects below.